About Me

Hi there!

I’m glad that you’re reading my blog. Hope you found something interesting and useful for yourself. I’m writing mostly about my challenges and adventures in Azure and .NET world but not be surprised if you’ll find something that is not related to these topics. That’s all about IT world!

So… few words about myself. I have a strong work experience in the sphere of commercial systems development in various business domains and act in a role of an Architect on different projects. I’ve been working with Microsoft Azure on projects with high complexity for the past few years and continue to do that by this day.

Outside of work I’m Microsoft Azure MVP, leader of Azure community in Belarus, periodically act as a speaker on public events and contribute to community by organizing events and writing articles. In the meantime I’m spending a lot of time to be aware of the latest trends in .NET, Microsoft Azure, best practices and innovative technologies for building high-loaded, high-scalable and resilient software.

Don’t hesitate to contact me in social networks or directly by email below!

Twitter: @layshaalexander



Gmail: layshaalex@gmail.com